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Corporate Partners


Forward Momentum Courier is a company that is interested in partnering with you to solve the transportation concerns that you have. We explore your needs as a corporation and create an active solution.

We understand time-critical, recurring, and single-instance tranportation needs. Our team is flexible and quick to act on solving your transportation needs. Our pricing options keep your business budget in mind.

Forward Momentum Courier LLC prides itself in our charitable donations. When you use our service, a portion goes back into the community.

Working Hard For Your Needs

We are excited to prove ourselves over and over. Each contract we take as a challenge to be the best in the business. We want your repeat business and your recommendation. We will work hard for it.

Let us prove ourselves to you today.

Areas Served

We serve a constantly expanding territory. We currently serve the US domestic market focusing on the Great Lakes States.

Driver Employment

We only wish to hire the best drivers available. We offer better than competitive pay but expect exceptional service.


Forward Momentum Courier has many years of combined service and experience. Find out more about what we can offer you in terms of experience and knowledge.

Common Services

We tailor the speeds and services to your buisiness needs. Same day? Yes! Recurring? Yes! On demand? Yes!